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The SmartPhone Repair Lab is open daily. We have two convenient locations, one in Nocatee and one in Saint Augustine. If you have a question or need additional information please email us.

Corporate Support Services

We understand that companies rely more and more on technology in order to do business effectively. We respect your company and your employees' time and understand that when your technology is not functioning, your employees are not being productive. We have a business support service department that can tailor a plan to meet the needs of your company and your staff members that will help keep your company's technology up and running. Contact us today to talk about your company's business support needs.

The SmartPhone Repair Lab Locations

Smart Phone Technician


Please call for location information.


Smart Phone Technician

St. Augustine

1576 U.S. Highway 1 South
St. Augustine, Florida 32084


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Cell Phone Repair Warranty

Outstanding Warranty

The SmartPhone Repair Lab offers a 120 day warranty on repair parts. As long as there is no physical or liquid damage, bring the device back and we’ll replace it, no questions asked. Water treatment service carries a 30 day warranty.

Cell Phone Recycling

We Recycle

We gladly accept your old electronics for proper recycling. It is estimated that over 400,000 cell phones are thrown away in the United States every day. The electronic waste is crushed or burned until everything that was once safely encapsulated in the phone’s casing is exposed. Consequently, over time, toxins such as lead, mercury and arsenic are leached into the environment.