Smart Phone Technician

Who are we?

We Are Master Technicians and a Full Repair and Diagnostic Service Center. We can repair everything from cracked screens and broken charger ports to the much more complicated, micro problems, beyond what standard smartphone repair shops are able to handle. And, our Master Technicians do it all in-house, saving you money while providing superior customer service and care.

How We Can Help You?

Smart Phone Technician

Devices We Can Repair

Cell Phones
iPads and Tablets
Computers and Laptops
PC and Mac
Consoles and Gaming Devices
MP3 Players and iPods

Smart Phone Technician

Types of Damage We Can Fix

Cell Phones and Tablets
Cracked Screen
Battery Replacement
Water Damage
Inoperative Charging Port
All Parts Within the Device
Micro-Fractures on the Board
Computers and Laptops
Parts Installation
Virus Removal
Consoles and Gaming Devices
Error Code Troubleshooting
MP3 Players and iPods
Cracked Screen

Don’t use the bag of rice to treat water damage. Why?

Rice cannot remove the corrosive material that builds on the board. In the Lab, our Master Technicians will completely disassemble your device, thoroughly clean your device, touch up damaged solder on capacitors and resistors, and reassemble as part of the effort to bring your device back to life.

Amazing Repairs We Can Perform

Cell Phone Repair Warranty

Backlight Fuse Repair

The image at left shows the part replaced when there is a loss of light to the LCD / screen.  This is different from replacing the screen.  The repair is required if the screen functions correctly, however has not picture due to lack of light resonating from the lightbox behind the screen.  For this repair, the defective backlight fuse is removed, and a new fuse is soldered to the board.

Cell Phone Recycling

Trace Repair

The image at left shows four traces under a screw hole.  The traces require repair when the iPhone "blue screens" - similar to what shows when a computer has a blue screen, and commonly due to water damage or impact.  For this repair, the screw hole is removed, the traces are repaired, and the screw hole is reattached to the board.  Note how thin the traces are under the screw hole.  All four traces fit within a single groove on a dime.